Hear actual interview snippets.

Support Role
Administrative Assistant
export_notes Fresher language India factory Government Institute

During an interview for a growing Lab, our AI-Recruiter Tina explored beyond technical skills, inquiring about the candidate’s hobbies. When the candidate mentioned ‘books’, Tina followed up with a related question, prompting the candidate to share more about her hobby. This conversation, powered by GPT-3 and our internal models, highlights the depth and relatability of AI interactions.

Software Engineering
Backend Engineer
export_notes Mid-Level language India factory Tech Startup

After reviewing his CV, our AI-Recruiter Tina asked the candidate about his key projects as a ‘Senior Technical Program Manager’, including a GCP migration project. She also inquired about his preferred backend engineering framework and knowledge of Microservices Architecture. The easy rapport here emphasizes the human-like interaction possible with an AI.

Support Role
Chartered Accountant
export_notes Senior language India factory Conglomerate

During an interview for a large retail and e-commerce company, our AI-Recruiter Tina focused on identifying potential deal-breakers early in the screening process. She inquired about the candidate’s salary expectations, gently probing further when the response was unclear. Additionally, Tina checked for any logistical concerns that could impact the candidate’s suitability for the role.

Software Engineering
Embedded Engineer
export_notes Senior language India factory IT Services

This candidate interviewed for a globally-renowned electronics company. It was important that candidates be well-versed in C and C++. Our AI-Recruiter, Tina asks the person to rate their technical knowledge. Then based on the rating, Tina follows up with a question in keeping with that particular difficulty level. Thus the company was able to select the best candidate possible.

Energy Advisor
export_notes Mid-Level language India factory Energy and Infra

In the interview, AI-Recruiter Tina assesses the candidate’s experience to gauge role suitability. Tina identifies the candidate as a mid-level professional and crafts her questions to highlight the candidate’s skills and experiences. Noting the candidate’s limited B2B sales experience, Tina gently moves to the interview’s next segment.

Product / Project
Graphic Designer
export_notes Mid-Level language India factory Energy and Infra

This candidate interviewed with a start-up which deals in renewable energy. The company was looking for candidates with a certain level of experience, hence our AI-Recruiter Tina asks about the number of years they’ve worked. Then based on the candidate’s reply she asks more detailed questions. And you can hear her pick out the company at which this person worked.

Relationship Manager
export_notes Senior language India factory Hospitality and Tourism

In an interview for a company with holiday resorts in India and abroad, our AI-Recruiter Tina skillfully explored the candidate’s sales ability and passion for travel. She engaged the candidate in a discussion about his trip to Kashmir and then cleverly steered the conversation, asking how he would pitch the location to potential customers.

Languages & Accents Sales
Sales Manager
export_notes Senior language South Africa factory Manufacturing

Interviewing for a role at a medium-sized South African printing company, the applicant interacted with AI-Recruiter Tina, who spoke with a South African accent for relatability. Tina initiated the conversation, inquiring about the candidate’s background and then progressing to relevant questions. Notably, Tina recognized and acknowledged the candidate’s education at the London School of Economics.

Product / Project
Sr. Project Manager
export_notes Senior language India factory IT Services

This candidate detailed her transition from Visual Basic to becoming proficient in C#. To better understand the challenges she faced while moving from one programming language to another, our AI-Recruiter Tina asked the candidate a significant follow-up question. The candidate’s answer showcased how she faced difficulties and worked to upskill herself.

Software Engineering
Sr. Software Developer
export_notes Senior language India factory Banking and Insurance

After going through this candidate’s CV, Tina probes him about his work as a ‘Programmer Analyst’. He mentions the various frameworks he has used for data transfer and security checks. Tina asks a pertinent follow-up question to get further insight into exactly what the applicant’s job entailed. The candidate then enumerates the responsibilities of his role.

Core Engineering Languages & Accents
Billing Engineer Water
export_notes Mid-Level language India factory Energy and Infra

Tina, our AI-recruiter, converses with a candidate about his previous role and then questions him about role-related aspects like onsite variations, billing automation, and optimization. She also asks about his experience with billing software, to which he responds with enthusiasm, highlighting his favourite feature, showcasing his comfort in interacting with Tina.

Plant Manager
export_notes Senior language India factory Manufacturing

Here, Tina inquired about the candidate’s expertise in designing aluminum sections, receiving a thorough response. However, he admitted to lacking hands-on experience in related areas. When asked about his career change motivation, he expressed his goal for a leadership role. This conversation highlights Tina’s skill in identifying the candidate’s expertise and knowledge gaps.

Diversity Initiative Management
General Banking Role
export_notes Senior language India factory Banking and Insurance

Tina effectively interviews a senior banking professional with 14 years of experience, who is impressed by the experience. The candidate found this bank’s recruitment campaign on social media, submitted her CV, and was contacted by Tina. In the interview, the candidate expresses amazement at the engaging interaction with the AI-Recruiter, especially given her extensive industry experience.

Diversity Initiative Operations
Banking Operations
export_notes language factory

In a diversity initiative, AI-recruiter Tina engaged with candidates re-entering the workforce. She asked one candidate about her desired role, previous employment duration, and break reasons. The candidate cited a high-risk pregnancy and necessary time off, This interaction highlights Tina’s empathetic approach to interviewing.