Babblebots’ AI-Recruiters are Hiring for 70+ Enterprises and Startups

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Close hire in 3 days, instead of 30!

Reduce interview rounds. Eliminate scheduling hassles.

Magnify your team’s efforts: AI-Recruiters help with scheduling, gentle and timely rejections, and boost top talent engagement. Free up your team’s time to attract the best talent.

One Platform for All Roles

Skill-Based Hiring and Customized Reports for Sales, Engineering, Support Roles, etc.

Stop talent loss due to outdated hiring methods! AI-Recruiters use LLMs and AI for smart, standardized hiring. Customize every role effortlessly with our low-code conversation designer.

Hire For Diversity. Hire Without Bias.

Objective screening criteria, diverse data sets, and no AI-based identification.

Have you been struggling to add a more diverse workforce?

AI has emerged as a powerful tool to combat bias in hiring, promoting fairness and diversity in the workplace. By leveraging AI’s capabilities for blind screening, objective criteria, diverse data models, and continuous learning, organizations can create more equitable and inclusive hiring processes that benefit both candidates and employers.
Hire for diversity

Amplify Employer Branding as Candidates Love Talking to AI-Recruiters.

“I’m good with this, and it was the first interaction with the AI recruiter, and it was very nice to connect with you. Thank you, Tina.”

Kaushal- interviewing for the role of Sales Executive

“AI & ML is where i want to go in the future with my career… Seeing the recruiter right now I am certain that this is the right path forward.”

Lipan – interviewing for the role of Senior Project Engineer or Project Engineer Water

“This is my first time I am interacting with a bot, but this shows how the world is changing.”

Nivetha- – interviewing for the role of Java Developer

“आपके साथ बात करना बहुत अच्छा लग रहा है और आपका जो सिस्टेमैटिक जो बनाया, यह मेरे लिए नया है और इसको यूज़ करके और बहुत अच्छा लग रहा है।”

Albin – interviewing for the role of Senior Java Developer

What Our Customers Say

“The functional screening became more efficient, and we managed to close the position within 2 working days… And the candidate has already joined!”

Pranjali Mishra Senior HR Manager

“It’s truly amazing, making the whole interview and selection process super streamlined with this cute AI interviewer in a red blazer!
It was incredibly efficient and saved me lots of time! It has these super cool advanced filtering options, you can narrow down candidates by city, availability, remuneration, and their matching score! Highly recommend it!”

Sahar Mansoor Founder, Bare Necessities

“We’ve been able to make 4 offers for technical roles with a 5-6 hour total effort.”

Ridheema Mishra Head, Human Capital
  • 99% Decrease in time to Hire
  • 85% Decrease in Scheduling time
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