Transforming IITB DRF’s Talent Acquisition with Babblebots.ai

Alifiya Karimi Jillisger and her HR team at IIT Bombay’s Development and Relations Foundation (IITB DRF) strive for global recognition. They’re enhancing fundraising and partnerships by innovating their recruitment approach within the not-for-profit sector.

Transforming IITB DRF’s Talent Acquisition with Babblebots.ai

IIT Bombay Development and Relations Foundation (IITB DRF) is a not-for-profit entity that is dedicated to supporting the Dean ACR office’s mission by engaging alumni, corporations, and foundations to build lasting partnerships. It enhances fundraising efforts through donor outreach, program management, and meticulous reporting on initiatives funded by alumni contributions.

Amidst their pursuit for global recognition, Alifiya Karimi Jillisger and her HR and strategy planning team recognized the need for an innovative approach to recruitment.

Key Hiring Challenges

Before Babblebots.ai, the IITB DRF team faced key challenges like efficiently screening an overwhelming influx of candidates for various roles. The process involved scheduling hassles and hiring required more time. 

During the discussion with Alifiya she mentioned: “Our challenge was the high volume of applications, which strained our resources and extended the hiring timeline. We found ourselves in a sea of candidates but lacked the beacon to guide us to the right ones.”

Embracing Babblebots.ai 

IITB DRF chose Babblebots.ai, attracted by its promise to refine the recruitment funnel and optimize candidate engagement without sacrificing quality.

Solution Implementation

After careful deliberation, they adopted Babblebots.ai to capitalize on its AI-driven recruitment capabilities. The integration focused on streamlining the interview process, increasing efficiency without compromising candidate quality. The Gen AI-powered platform significantly accelerated candidate screening along with giving insights before final interviews.

Transformation Unveiled

Babblebots.ai introduced a new dimension to the hiring practice. With Gen AI-powered screening, the recruitment team experienced a substantial reduction in scheduling and time-to-hire. The assessment reports shared with the interview panel also provided detailed feedback about the candidate before the final round of interviews. 

Alifiya highlighted that using Babblebots helped release a lot of bandwidth for operational efficiencies and the team can look at more strategic aspects of hiring.

The Role of Tina, AI Recruiter

Tina, Babblebots.ai’s AI recruiter led human-like interviews. The candidates and faculty alike were engaged and impressed by the human-like interaction Tina provided. 

“If you are talking to a robotic interface and an experience, you may get disinterested while your conversations happen. That doesn’t happen with Tina.” shares Alifiya, echoing her team’s sentiments.

Roles hired for

  • Administrative Assistant – SCAN
  • Assistant Project Manager – SCAN
  • CMINDS: Data and System Administrator
  • DSSE: Project Manager Online Education Programs
  • DSSE: Project Manager: Pre-Incubation Programs
  • DSSE: Project Manager
  • Finance Assistant – SCAN
  • IITB-DRF: Communications And Events Manager
  • Program Manager – PCACEC
  • Program Manager- C1973 EV Power Train Lab
  • Program Manager- SBI Foundation Hub for Data & Analytics for India
  • Program Manager-IITB-Fedex Centre for Advanced Logistics and Analytics
  • Project Research Engineer- Project Low Cost and Energy Efficient Water
  • Project under BOB: Senior Project Assistant
  • System Administrator -SCAN
  • TCAAI: Project Research Scientist
  • Technical Associate – C1973 EV Power Train Lab
  • Trust Lab at IIT-B: Administrative Assistant

Results at a Glance

Transforming Recruitment at IITB DRF with Babblebots.ai | Case Study

Time & Efficiency – With Babblebots.ai, the team noted an immediate uptick in recruitment efficiency. There was a marked improvement in managing high-volume applications and reducing the screening time.

Fair Assessment – The candidate assessments ensured that only genuinely interested candidates progressed, significantly reducing dropout rates and the process ensured fair assessments of candidates. 

Assessment Reports – IIT Bombay faculty members were astounded by the detailed pre-assessment reports, a first in their experience.

Record Keeping – The hiring team now has all the candidate data in one place as a part of the record-keeping process followed in case there is any query in the future.

The Impact

  • Interview no-show rates decreased by 98% and a reduction in initial screening time across roles.
  • Improved role-fit accuracy by 60% ensuring a better match for non-technical positions such as Outreach Coordinators.
  • Time-to-hire shortened from several weeks to a few days

Customer Feedback

Babblebots team is always approachable. Their resolutions and turnaround times are fantastic. They understand you. They don’t give you the bottlenecks of how things can not be implemented. They marry you. They stitch the thought together and come up with a solution of what can be the best productive way of handling it.

Alifiya Karimi Jillisger ( AVP – Human Resources, IITB DRF)

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, the DRF team is enthusiastic about leveraging Babblebots.ai for broader applications within talent management, envisioning a holistic integration into IITB DRF’s recruitment ecosystem.

Posted on April 29, 2024
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