Indian Branch of Global Firm Leverages AI to Hire for 3 Specialised Tech Roles

A global Insurance and Risk Management corporation in India revolutionized its recruitment with Babblebots. Facing high application volumes and evaluation challenges for tech roles, the company adopted AI for efficient screening. This led to rapid, bias-free candidate assessment, significantly reducing interview time and costs. The innovative approach accelerated hiring, underscoring the AI’s impact in streamlining recruitment processes and fostering company growth.

Indian Branch of Global Firm Leverages AI to Hire for 3 Specialised Tech Roles

The Indian branch of a global Insurance Broking and Risk Management corporation, renowned for its expertise in risk, strategy, and people, tested Babblebots. The Indian segment, with over 1300 members, had ambitious growth plans.

The company faced significant recruitment challenges, especially in assessing numerous applicants for specialised tech roles.

Hurdles While Hiring

The company encountered three major obstacles in its hiring process.

  • High Volume Of Applications

The company’s distinguished reputation led to a flood of applications for various roles, especially tech. Thus responding to candidates quickly was difficult and resulted in substantial talent loss.

  • Inefficient Candidate Evaluation

The hiring process involved multiple stages including HR interviews, technical rounds, and face-to-face meetings with hiring managers. This lengthy process was inefficient since there was significant time and effort needed to evaluate each candidate’s potential.

  • Agency Bias

The company also used various recruitment agencies for staffing, which opened the door to potential favouritism in the selection of candidates.

Thus the company sought to optimise its hiring process for better candidate identification.

Roles To Fill

Hiring for three complex roles:

  • MEAN Stack Developer [Exp needed: 8 – 11 years]
  • Senior Principal Engineer [Exp needed:10 -15 years]
  • Senior Software Engineer (Java with VB.Net) Oracle [Exp needed: 11 -18 years]

The average salary range for each role would be about 15 to 50 LPA.

Customised Interviews and AI Matching Criteria

The company partnered with Babblebots.ai to streamline its hiring. The HR’s key role criteria formed the AI matching scores and interview framework. With this, Tina – our AI-Recruiter enhanced the company’s hiring process by accurately evaluating candidates based on the standards.

Analysing The Campaign

The recruitment campaigns for each of these roles proved to be a resounding success. A few examples:

For the Senior Principal Engineer role, out of the 90 candidates reached out to, 68 completed the AI-Recruiter interviews within 3 days. This led to 27 well-qualified candidates being shortlisted, surpassing the company’s expectations.

The outreach for the Senior Software Engineer (Java with VB.Net) Oracle role was equally promising. Of the 80 candidates Tina invited, 62 candidates completed the AI-Recruiter interviews. An impressive 26 candidates responded within the first 2 days of being invited to interview. From this pool, 24 highly skilled candidates were shortlisted.

Outstanding Return On Investment

  • Reduced Face-To-Face Interviews

The rounds of panel interviews were reduced by half as Hiring Managers now only spoke to the top candidates.

  • Massive Savings

Candidates’ salaries were recorded and showcased on the dashboard for convenience. This data enabled the recruitment team to shortlist candidates within their budget, resulting in monthly savings of 10+ lakhs, which was considerable for the Indian branch.

  • Standard Tool For Shortlisting

The interviews standardised candidate assessment by asking similar questions, ensuring an even playing field.

The Impact

By leveraging Babblebots.ai‘s Voice-AI technology, the customer experienced an improved hiring process.

  • Reduced Agency Bias And Enhanced Candidate Quality

Standardised interviews minimised bias and prevented recruitment agencies from unfairly promoting certain candidates. The AI feature identified ideal candidates, improving the hiring process’s quality. Tina’s conversational skills and technical understanding further ensured high-quality recruitment.

  • Time And Cost Savings

The company efficiently shortlisted candidates using streamlined assessments and AI, saving time for everyone involved. The cost savings were twofold: first, they saved on the costs of the personnel involved in the hiring process, and second, they were able to find well-qualified candidates within their budget.

  • Innovative Candidate Experience

The engagement strategy led to a strong response for each job position. This strategy effectively increased candidate interest and brand experience. Candidates were fascinated by the interview, stating if the screening round was this innovative, they could only imagine how exciting their roles would be.

  • Accelerated Time-To-Hire

The recruitment timeline was significantly shortened, with the HR team no longer needing to sift through unsuitable candidates. Instead of taking 3 months, filling roles took just 3 weeks.

In conclusion, this global Insurance Broking and Risk Management corporation revolutionised its hiring process with Babblebots, streamlining evaluations, reducing bias, and quickening recruitment.

Adopting AI solutions effectively managed high application volumes, enhancing efficiency and fairness. This strategy led to significant time and cost savings, while providing candidates with an engaging experience, supporting the company’s growth in India.

Last updated on December 26, 2023
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