Babblebots.ai’s Interview Designer: Empowering Hiring Teams, Simplifying Recruitment

Babblebots.ai’s Interview Designer: Empowering Hiring Teams, Simplifying Recruitment

In today’s competitive job market, finding the perfect fit for a role is essential. Discover how Babblebots’ Interview Designer transforms the recruitment process, providing hiring professionals with a user-friendly tool to create tailored interviews effortlessly. Earlier, teams would spend a lot of time to create the interview questions based on the specific job requirements. With the Interview Designer, this can be done within a few minutes. 

Let us see how this tool works and creates the interviews based on the custom criteria of any company!

How does it work

Additionally, it provides the flexibility to the teams to add questions pertinent to the role including job-specific, psychometric assessments, and MCQs that help evaluate candidates’ capabilities.

The Interview Designer helps hiring professionals customize and configure interviews effortlessly based on their custom criteria. The tool created with cutting-edge GenAI technology, swiftly identifies essential skills and provides questions tailored to meet precise role specifications. 

Upload the Job Description to get started with Interview Designer

To get started you need a role and a job description. Once this is provided to the Interview Designer, the final interview can be created within a few minutes. 

Choose the essential skills for better evaluation of the candidate.

The Interview Designer

  1. Identify and analyze skills from the job description.
  2. Suggest recommended skills for the respective role not covered in the job description.
  3. Integrate psychometric assessments for deeper candidate insights.
  4. Customize key skills specific to the role requirements.
  5. Develop diverse interview questions tailored to the role’s needs.
  6. Incorporate questions regarding specific education qualifications, experience in a specific domain, location preference, salary expectations, availability, and additional custom questions as per requirements.

Creating the interview

With the Interview Designer, Hiring teams gain access to an array of question formats, such as multiple-choice and scenario-based questions, providing ample options to evaluate candidates thoroughly. This versatility enables a thorough assessment of candidates’ abilities and compatibility with the role. Additionally, HR can inquire about location preferences and salary requirements to ensure alignment. The tool provides access to several questions that hiring teams can select and use. 

The tool facilitates inquiries about location preferences and salary requirements, ensuring alignment with job expectations. It offers a selection of questions for HR to choose from.
Customize queries for location, work experience, salary, and educational background.

Benefits of Using Interview Designer

  • DIY interview and curate questions using our question bank. 
  • Access Gen AI powered question generator.
  • Evaluate candidates on multimodal assessment (MCQ+Subjective+behavioral) 
  • Enable Hiring and business teams to create multiple interviews swiftly.
  • Hiring teams with little or no technical experience can design interviews easily for tech or niche roles.
Candidates have the option to inquire about the company and communicate their availability to join the organization.
Access to questions about availability and candidates’ questions about the company.


Interview Designer empowers Hiring professionals to streamline recruitment, saving time and resources with “Contactless Hiring” while ensuring the identification of the best candidates for each role.

Connect with us today for more information on how the Interview Designer can transform your recruitment process.

Last updated on April 12, 2024