Transforming Recruitment at Welspun Enterprises Ltd with Babblebots.ai

Welspun Enterprises’ journey of redefining recruitment with Babblebots.ai. Witness the seamless integration of AI-driven strategies, paving the way for faster, fairer, and more effective hiring practices.

Transforming Recruitment at Welspun Enterprises Ltd with Babblebots.ai


Welspun Enterprises Limited (WEL), is one of India’s fastest-growing infrastructure development companies. WEL specializes in the execution of road and water projects under the Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM) and via large-value Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contracts, in addition to selectively undertaking Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) projects.

Hiring Challenges at Welspun

Welspun aimed to efficiently fill 300+ roles annually with talent from Tier 2/3 cities. The traditional hiring process was lengthy and time-consuming. The key challenges faced by the hiring teams included time-intensive manual resume screenings, coordinating interviews, developing in-depth technical analysis questions, and bridging language gaps in diverse regional areas.

The interview process necessitated a thorough evaluation of each candidate, focusing on technical abilities and their capacity to excel under pressure.

Problem Statement

The hiring teams faced the following challenges:

  • Manual screening of resumes received 
  • Efficiently shortlisting candidates from a large pool of resumes.
  • Scheduling interviews based on candidate availability
  • Ensuring fair assessment of candidates without any human bias
  • The traditional method required time and resources to conduct job fairs and interviews and incurred both time and high costs.
  • They found that candidates struggled to showcase technical skills and problem-solving abilities during interviews, compounded by language barriers.

Integration with Contactless Hiring platform by Babblebots.ai:

Motivated by the need for innovation and to lead digital transformation in hiring, the WEL decided to integrate with Babblebots.ai.

  • Babblebots.ai introduced Voice+GenAI for contactless hiring, effectively streamlining Welspun’s recruitment process.
  • CV matching feature helped the HR team efficiently shortlist candidates.
  • AI recruiter Tina conducted round-the-clock interviews to evaluate candidates’ skills through human-like interactions.
  • Tailored interviews were designed to assess technical skills and problem-solving abilities.
  • “Hinglish” interviews are introduced to overcome language barriers, ensuring clearer communication for technically proficient candidates.

Despite initial hurdles and duplication of efforts in the initial stages the leadership and hiring teams were persuaded by Babblebots.ai’s agile approach and cost-effectiveness. 

Customer Feedback

“The features are comprehensive, and the platform has significantly streamlined our hiring process. What stands out the most is the agility of the Babblebots team in addressing our needs. They have quickly responded to feedback and continuously improved their product based on our suggestions. It’s not just about using a tool; it’s about collaborating with a team that genuinely cares about enhancing our recruitment efforts. Babblebots has helped us save time, reduce costs, and most importantly, improve the quality of our hires. It’s been a game-changer for us, and we’re eager to explore further partnerships and integrations in the future.” 

– Rajesh Jain (Chief HR officer, Welspun)

Roles hired by Tina, our AI Recruiter

  1. Sr. Engineer –  Projects Water
  2. Engineer- Projects Water
  3. Billing Engineer – Water
  4. Planning Manager – Water
  5. Planning Engineer – Water
  6. Billing Manager- Roads
  7. Billing Engineer- Roads
  8. Sr. Engineer – Projects Roads
  9. Engineer- Projects Roads
  10. Jal Jeevan Mission Intern 

Results at a Glance

The implementation saw compelling results:

Interview Completion: A strong response rate with a 70% interview completion rate.

Hiring Success: A robust 47% hiring rate from the AI-assisted interview process, with a 50% offer rate for high-scoring candidates.

Transforming Recruitment at Welspun Enterprises Ltd with Babblebots.ai | Case Study

Benefits Realized

  1. Faster Hiring   
    • Reduced the time to hire by automating the screening and assessment of candidates. 
    • Accelerated decision-making thereby improving the operational efficiency of the hiring process.
  2. Fair & Diverse Hiring
    • The AI recruitment process ensures fair assessment by reducing bias
    • Increased diversity in the candidate pool contributes to a more inclusive recruitment process and workplace culture. 
  3. Cost & Time Savings:
    • Reduction in time and expenses associated with manual hiring processes like conducting Job fairs, manual interviews, and more.
  4. Digital transformation:
    • Integration of Babblebots.ai in the Welspun hiring process is a digital transformation initiative that helped increase the collaboration between HR and business teams.
    • Business and HR teams worked closely to design assessment processes, leading to more cohesive workflows. 
  5. Future Prospects and Evolution:
    • The organization plans to continue to partner with Babblebots.ai, reaching new heights with hiring with AI and leading by example.


By adopting Babblebots.ai, Welspun Enterprises has transformed its recruitment processes, marking notable gains in efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness. This collaborative effort highlights the impactful role of technology in modernizing HR practices and propelling organizational success.

Last updated on June 7, 2024